Stage 1: Athens-Roswell

Here we are, sipping drinks at my Dad's house in Roswell, GA after one hell of a day getting out of Athens. India and I are convinced that the mighty force that keeps people planted firmly within the boundaries of Bulldog country was trying its hardest to keep us in Clarke county. Apartment checkouts, Habitat for Humanity donations, obsessive cleaning, tetris-style packing puzzles, disappearing u-pack cubes, endless amounts of piled-up stuff, our bikes, other people's bikes, and torrential August downpours all conspired to make our moving process as daunting and insurmountable as possible. We found some consolation in the fact that we weren't piloting a U-haul around Athens like many of our fellow movers stuck at the bottom of the ferris wheel that is the college-town renting cycle. I can't imagine driving one of those heaps 3000 miles to Portland.
I can't linger long as I have responsibilities to tend to here, like mixing up drinks for myself and my lovely young wife. More updates to follow while we're still here in the oasis of wireless internet connections. No, I don't have an iphone and no, I don't have the 3G network. Get out my face.