XXC #15 Now Available!

The latest issue of XXC Magazine - featuring words and photos from the Oregon Stampede by yours truly - was released into the wild today.  I'm thrilled as this is the first time I've ever gotten paid for writing anything and the first time I've been published in any kind of proper form since my college days.  

I was shocked by the magic Jason at XXC was able to work with my scatterbrained sentences and shot-from-the-saddle photos, but the man is a wizard with a layout program.  It's almost like seeing your reflection in one of those perfectly flattering dressing room mirrors while trying on a pair of pants you could never afford and thinking to yourself, "damn, I look good!"  Despite my unglamorous reality, I'm quite pleased with the way the piece turned out and want to thank Jason, India, Ira, Donnie and everyone else who encouraged me to see this project through.  I hope this won't be the last time my name appears in the pages of XXC.  

Digital copies are available for download here.  For one week only, Jason is offering a "name your price" deal so you can enjoy all the radness for as little as $1!  Of course, this also gives you the opportunity to pay more than the $2.25 cover price if you'd like, so open up those pockets like it's the NPR fundraising drive!  

The print edition is available for purchase here.  It may not come at the bargain price of the digital version, but the perfect-bound pages will be around long after the machines achieve consciousness and your computer murders your pet bird with a well-aimed USB projectile.  Or, if you think my writing sucks you can use them to line the birdcage.  Either way, you're better off investing in paper and ink than giving your money to a SuperPAC.  Thanks for reading!


'Cross Bike Construction

Work has begun on India's new cyclocross bike.  As she'll be lining up for an hour in hell against the toughest lady 'crossers in the Northwest this coming fall, we thought a proper steel steed was in order.  Follow along with the build process on Flickr.  Today I set up the jig at the proper angles to accept the mitered tubes, worked on tightening up the fit on the front triangle and made the seat tube sleeve.  I'm pretty happy with the way the sleeve is looking, especially the feminine curves on the top edge. 

The top will be left a little rough and finally finished after brazing is completed.