New Posts on the Way!

Dear Readers,
So, I've been on an extended hiatus from the world of bloggery, but since the sun has finally re-emerged from its cloudy bedclothes here in Portland, I feel that the time has come for me to end my period of literary hibernation, wipe the dust from the keyboard and put a little of my upwelling spring of sarotonin-fueled energy into the flexion of my fingers to tap out the drum-beats of a new season of life. There has been a great deal happening here: friends and family in town to visit, major changes in the bicycle stable, the adoption of a new furry friend, developments in the school/work saga, and a change of seasons. I will endeavor to keep you, my reading public, abreast of all these changes and events with an electronic assault on several fronts. For the most in-depth coverage of specific life-altering events and realizations, including Vera's (the cat's) journey toward small, furry enlightenment, look no further than this very blog. This chunk of the Northwestern blogosphere will also be undergoing some aesthetic and structural renovations as we are no longer on our Transcontinental Odyssey, but have settled in North Portland for the foreseeable future, or at least until India or I get a job offer in Crested Butte. I will also offer regular news headlines and photographic coverage via Facebook and/or Flickr, which are so thoroughly intertwined that it is hard for me to distinguish them at times, like a pair of conjoined twins who are slowly melting into one another as they grow. Also, in a horrifying act of heresy and flagrant 'shark-jumping' that flies in the face of all of my recorded precendents and statements concerning internet-based life and communication, I may indeed be Twatting, Tweeting, Tweedle-dee-dumming, or whatever you want to call it. Follow if you must, but reader beware.

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