Back From NAHBS

Phew, I've been back in Portland for nearly four days and I feel like I'm just starting to get caught up.  I'm still plugging away at a more in-depth story on collaboration and cooperation among framebuilders for BikePortland.org that will be done (I hope) today or tomorrow.  Stay tuned for that.  Also, I'm just now getting around to uploading the crap-ton of photos from the four days in Sacramento.  I do have a set of photos from the unloading and construction of the Ira Ryan/Periera Cycles duplex booth up on flickr if you haven't seen them yet.  The booth turned out great and was almost certainly the only one of its kind ever constructed in the storied history of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, but I don't really know.  Either way, I think it does say something special about Ira and Tony and the nature of the Portland handbuilt bike scene in general that they're able to work so well together even though they might appear to be in competition.  I'll have photos from the actual show up later today and tomorrow.

In other news, the Dalles Mountain 60 - the first VeloDirt ride of the year - takes place this Saturday.  I'm excited get back out on the bike and smash some gravel with a great crew of folks that I haven't ridden with since last year's Rapha Gentlemen's Race.  Sadly, we weren't able finish the full route at the Gents' race last year, but our resolve has been steeled in the fire of suffering and we're committed to coming back this year (assuming Rapha doesn't mind our smelly and unphotogenic presence) and finishing whatever torture test is laid out before us.  Hence, the VeloDirt Racing Development Program has been born.  Its mission is to turn our band of ragtag dirt chompers into a fearsome fighting force that can go toe-to-toe with the hardest of the hard men in the Pacific Northwest.  We already know that we can suffer with the best of them and won't settle for anything less than our full allotment of pain in 2012.  Now we just have to get faster...

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