Rapha NW Gentlemen's Race 2012

Last weekend, India and I joined a band of miscreants connected to the shadowy organization known as VeloDirt for a little bike ride up around Mount Hood.  This little bike ride happened to be the 2012 Rapha NW Gentlemen's Race and would take our team of six over a 121 mile course and up 12,000 feet of climbing.  The story of our day's adventure can be found on the VeloDirt website, penned and photographed by yours truly.  It was a great day and a resounding success on all accounts.  

More photos from the ride are up on the Flickr page.  Check out Jason's flickr as well as John Prolly's gallery for some other views of the day.

Tomorrow we head to Bend for a mountain bike vacation with some old friends from down south.  Look for stories and photos from our fat-tired adventures very soon.

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