Festive 500 Part 6: Cascade Locks ATB

Motivation to get on the bike was flagging.  I had already put in some hard rides and some that were harder than they should have been during the Festive 500 and was in need of some proper recovery time.  Setting out for another ride with the sole purpose of tallying kilometers was an unappealing prospect and I had nowhere in particular that I wanted to go.  Day six of he eight-day Festive 500 challenge quickly became a rest day.  

Day 7 would be only slightly more productive; at least in kilometric terms.  The idea was hatched over beverages while watching the Trailblazers at the local bar on Wednesday after Christmas.  Buggy and Kristina told stories about the new mountain bike trails in Cascade Locks, India was keen to try out her new handlebars and the fat tire fire was lit.  

Weather looked prime for mountain bike riding and the low-elevation terrain in Cascade Locks wouldn't be impacted by the recent snowfall that had covered other trails in the region.  Plans were laid, we met at 10am on Sunday morning and headed East out of Portland onto with four bikes and four people strapped onto and into the car.  We arrived at Cascade Locks after a brief drive, located the trailhead and layered up for the chilly, windy, near-freezing conditions on the banks of the Columbia.  

There were bones,

sweet views,

trees cleared from the trail,

and more sweet views.

Buggy rode some rocks...

and India rode a drop (in her new glasses).

We rode our fill, packed the car back up and headed back to Portland...

where we stopped at Slingshot for burgers, brunch and beverages before continuing home.  Solid.

Okay, let's do the numbers!

Today's Totals
  • 14.5km
  • 2:15 ride time
  • 251m climbing
  • 439 calories
Cumulative Totals
  • 322.2km
  • 16:52 ride time
  • 1,969m climbing
  • 9,096 calories

My two days of slacking off the distance have left me with a 178km deficit to make up in the final handful of hours before the end of 2012.  This 110mi gap could only be traversed by a massive geologic event or a steel truss cantilever bridge.  Either way, I'm heading back out to the Gorge toward the Bridge of the Gods tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day on the bike. Whose bones?
    Waiting with great anticipation for your last post.